Our Mission:

Our goal is to serve our patients in a courteous, professional, competent, and kind manner. We hope to demonstrate to our patients and families that they are valued by developing long-term mentoring, collaborative, and therapeutic relationships. We promote healthy lifestyles and injury prevention so that our patients may enjoy a lifetime of good health.

We are a small, private pediatric office located in Fort Collins, and we are the only local practice whose focus is solely on pediatric care. We take pride in partnering with our patients’ families in their child’s health and development from birth until they turn 21 years old.

Our office in Fort Collins is designed to be convenient for all of your child’s health care needs. That’s why we hold open time in the schedule for each of our providers for same-day sick appointments. We also have on-site lab testing for common ailments so we can get results faster and your child can start feeling better as quickly as possible. In order to keep your child comfortable and to mitigate the stress of visiting several different offices, some minor procedures can be performed in our office.

Every child is unique and as they grow and develop, new issues can arise. We are committed to making sure your child receives appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic care for each stage of their development, informed by the best, up-to-date evidence. If your family is handling pediatric illnesses like asthma, ADHD, allergies, developmental delays, or weight concerns, you can trust Pediatric Associates of Northern Colorado to provide the best care that we can.