Allergy Testing

Allergies vs. A Cold

If the symptoms you’re noticing are sneezing and a runny nose, then it may be hard to determine if your child is suffering from allergies or a common cold. One way to tell the difference is by paying attention to the onset of your child’s symptoms. Environmental allergies are typically triggered when the seasons change, and symptoms will come on quickly and then linger.

Find Answers

Whether you want to determine if your child has allergies, or you want to narrow down what allergens they are sensitive to, Pediatric Associates of Northern Colorado offers allergy testing to help. We can’t diagnose food allergies, but we can help you address environmental allergies, which are more common among children. We’ll help you find answers to your questions, and then we’ll work with you to compile a treatment or desensitization plan!

Allergy Treatment

There are solutions other than antihistamines and prescriptions that can address your child’s uncomfortable environmental allergies. One option we offer here at Pediatric Associates is sublingual immunotherapy. With allergy drops, we can help desensitize your child’s immune system to the triggers that cause sneezing, itching, or other uncomfortable symptoms. Unlike allergy shots, allergy drops are a great option for allergy management in kids and adults alike. If your child isn’t old enough for allergy drops or is sensitive to allergens that can’t be treated through this type of immunotherapy, we’ll help you strategize other options to help them find relief.

You and your family shouldn’t dread spring and summer! With allergy testing and management options, Pediatric Associates of Northern Colorado is here to help you have fun regardless of the seasonal allergens around you. We can also help your family stay healthy throughout the year with annual physicals, immunizations, and more. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment, and explore our site to learn more about how we help kids from birth to 21. We look forward to helping your family thrive!