We understand that moms, dads, nannies, grandparents, and other caregivers have a lot of questions when it comes to babies and children. We have compiled a list of caregiver resources to help you find answers.

Trustworthy Advice:

Healthychildren.org is a website for parents and caregivers created by the American Academy of Pediatrics. You can find pediatrician-approved information and answers to many frequently asked questions there.

Medical Websites Devoted to Vaccine Information:

Vaccines have been at the forefront of preventing infectious disease in America since General Washington inoculated the entire Continental Army to prevent smallpox in 1777. Vaccines have eradicated smallpox internationally, they are close to eradicating polio as well, and they have drastically reduced the number of deaths from measles, Haemophilus influenza, tetanus, diphtheria, pneumococcus, and chicken pox. We strongly support the vaccines that are available and recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). We follow the schedule as outlined by the AAP. Please read our vaccine policy to understand our recommendations and standards before visiting our office.

To help answer questions about the vaccines, safety concerns, and learn more about why vaccines are used, please explore the following sources for reputable vaccine information.

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

AAP Vaccine Home Page

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

CDC Vaccine Home Page
Administration of Multiple Vaccines
CDC Travel Requirements
Vaccine Information Statements

Breast Feeding and Medications:

U.S. National Library of Medicine
Safe Fetus