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  1. Your Child and Food Allergies, Part 1

    If you have a child in school, then you probably know of at least one or two students in their class who have food allergies you have been warned about — your child may be one of them. Many kids have food allergies, and the numbers are growing. At last estimate by the American College of Allergy, …Read More

  2. Get Your Flu Shot Now!

    To many of us, flu season seems like just a seasonal annoyance, but it can be dangerous, especially to young kids. No matter how often you wash your hands or how far out of your way you go to avoid sniffling co-workers, the fact remains: a flu shot is the best way to prevent you or the people around…Read More

  3. When to Call the Pediatrician: Colds and Coughing

    Your kids are the most important people in your life and you want to keep them healthy. When they get sick, especially when they are or if they are your first child, it can be hard to gauge what you should genuinely be worried about and what simply triggers parental anxiety. The Pediatric Associates…Read More

  4. When to Call the Pediatrician: Vomiting or Diarrhea

    Any sign of sickness in your child can be scary. They are the most precious thing in your world, and you want to protect them. How do you know what’s a passing stomach bug and what is serious enough to call a doctor? The Pediatric Associates of Northern Colorado want to help you make an informed d…Read More

  5. When to Call the Pediatrician: Fever

    Your children are precious, and you want to keep them healthy and happy. The first moment you notice something is wrong can be scary, but not everything is as obvious as bleeding injuries. When do you call the doctor? Your local Pediatric Associates of Northern Colorado are here to help. We have doc…Read More