1. Immunotherapy: Allergy Treatment for Kids

    Allergy season is here once again, and for many families it can mean a season of misery. Fortunately, there are solutions that can help your child find relief, including sublingual immunotherapy from Pediatric Associates of Northern Colorado! Read on to learn more about this solution for kids’ all…Read More

  2. Why Asthma is Worse in the Winter

    Winter is here! While many Coloradans are taking to the slopes to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and tubing, the cold weather can be a challenge for families dealing with asthma. Asthma is a serious, sometimes life-threatening condition, and the incidence of childhood asthma is on the rise. Here in For…Read More

  3. 8 Signs of the Flu

    There are a lot of preventative steps you can take during flu season, from encouraging your family to wash their hands to getting everyone old enough vaccinated, but you and your kids are still susceptible to the virus. A flu shot can strengthen your immune system against specific strains of influen…Read More

  4. Your Child and Food Allergies, Part 2

    The holidays can be fraught with risks for kids with food allergies and their families. It can be especially nerve wracking if you suspect your child may have an undiagnosed sensitivity. Pediatric Associates of Northern Colorado is here to help! We offer allergy testing to give you the information a…Read More

  5. Your Child and Food Allergies, Part 1

    If you have a child in school, then you probably know of at least one or two students in their class who have food allergies you have been warned about — your child may be one of them. Many kids have food allergies, and the numbers are growing. At last estimate by the American College of Allergy, …Read More

  6. When to Call the Pediatrician: Injuries

    Kids get lots of bumps and bruises as they explore the world. Especially when they are young, those trips and falls can be accompanied by plenty of tears, but how do you know when an injury is serious enough to call a doctor? Pediatric Associates of Northern Colorado is here to help. We offer compre…Read More

  7. Get Your Flu Shot Now!

    To many of us, flu season seems like just a seasonal annoyance, but it can be dangerous, especially to young kids. No matter how often you wash your hands or how far out of your way you go to avoid sniffling co-workers, the fact remains: a flu shot is the best way to prevent you or the people around…Read More

  8. How to Alleviate Your Child’s Allergy Symptoms, Part 4

    Allergies can feel inescapable, whether you’re a child or an adult, but when it’s your child who is uncontrollably sneezing, itching, or coughing, it can be even harder to deal with. We often feel responsible for helping our kids feel better, even if we can’t control things like the weather or…Read More

  9. How to Alleviate Your Child’s Allergy Symptoms, Part 3

    Summer is coming to an end, but for many adults and children alike, allergy season is still in full swing. You want your child to enjoy the fall, whether that means playing in piles of fallen leaves or excitedly planning their Halloween costume, and allergies can get in the way. Luckily, there are a…Read More

  10. How to Alleviate Your Child’s Allergy Symptoms, Part 2

    For many adults and children alike, summer isn’t always a time of year to look forward to getting outside and enjoying the sunshine. In fact, for those dealing with environmental allergies, it’s about the exact opposite. The world can turn into a landmine of triggers for those with allergies, an…Read More