Any sign of sickness in your child can be scary. They are the most precious thing in your world, and you want to protect them. How do you know what’s a passing stomach bug and what is serious enough to call a doctor? The Pediatric Associates of Northern Colorado want to help you make an informed decision. We have doctors on call 24/7 to answer your questions and help you in emergencies. We also offer same-day sick visits so you can get a professional opinion sooner rather than later. Call (970) 484-4871 to schedule an appointment or get help after-hours!


If your child loses their lunch and it seems like a one-time incident, there isn’t reason to worry much. The real concern is severe, continued vomiting. You should call your pediatrician if the vomiting goes on for more than a few hours or seems especially forceful. In babies, contact your doctor if they are doing more than just spitting up after a feeding and it happens more than two or three times a day. If a child of any age is vomiting blood, don’t hesitate. Call (970) 484-4871 to reach a Fort Collins pediatrician at any time.


Diarrhea can be very unpleasant and uncomfortable, but it doesn’t always require a trip to the doctor. Consider making an appointment if your child has diarrhea and is also vomiting. As always, seek immediate help if you see blood.

Other Symptoms

Diarrhea and vomiting in conjunction can be worrisome, but you should also watch for other signs of a serious problem. Additional symptoms like a headache, stiff neck, or fever warrant a doctor’s visit. You also need to watch for more severe symptoms like abdominal pain, rapid breathing, lethargy, or confusion. Call Pediatric Associates of Northern Colorado today for an immediate consultation!

Signs of Dehydration

The biggest danger of vomiting and diarrhea in kids is dehydration. They are far more susceptible to this than adults, so it’s important to watch for the warning signs. Look for a dry mouth or a lack of tears if they cry. Is your child going to the bathroom less than usual? Have you had to change fewer diapers today? In babies, you may also see a sunken soft spot on their head. Encourage toddlers and older children to keep drinking and offer plenty of clear liquids in small amounts. Quickly guzzling large amounts of water or electrolyte solution will only cause them to throw it up again.

You want to keep your kids safe and healthy, but not all instances of vomiting or diarrhea warrant a doctor’s visit. Wait to see if it their symptoms last more than a few hours and watch for other signs of illness, like abdominal pain or a headache. Dehydration is the most prevalent problem, so keep offering them fluids. If your child’s symptoms don’t improve or you have serious concerns, contact the Pediatric Associates of Northern Colorado. We can schedule same-day sick visits Monday through Saturday and there is always a doctor on call, no matter the day or time. Call (970) 484-4871 today to make an appointment or get a consultation!

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