1. How to Alleviate Your Child’s Allergy Symptoms, Part 1

    Spring and summer are exciting for many people, thanks to the revitalizing warm weather and all the fun outdoor activities that come with it. For a child with seasonal or environmental allergies, however, they are likely dreading the oncoming months of coughing, sneezing, and other unpleasant sympto…Read More

  2. When to Call the Pediatrician: Colds and Coughing

    Your kids are the most important people in your life and you want to keep them healthy. When they get sick, especially when they are or if they are your first child, it can be hard to gauge what you should genuinely be worried about and what simply triggers parental anxiety. The Pediatric Associates…Read More

  3. Allergies 101

    Is your child struggling to sleep because of a stuffy nose that just won’t go away? Is play time interrupted by sneezing or wheezing? They might be suffering from allergies. Especially in the spring or summer, allergy symptoms can make a sudden and unwelcome appearance in the life of your family, …Read More

  4. When to Call the Pediatrician: Vomiting or Diarrhea

    Any sign of sickness in your child can be scary. They are the most precious thing in your world, and you want to protect them. How do you know what’s a passing stomach bug and what is serious enough to call a doctor? The Pediatric Associates of Northern Colorado want to help you make an informed d…Read More

  5. When to Call the Pediatrician: Fever

    Your children are precious, and you want to keep them healthy and happy. The first moment you notice something is wrong can be scary, but not everything is as obvious as bleeding injuries. When do you call the doctor? Your local Pediatric Associates of Northern Colorado are here to help. We have doc…Read More

  6. Schedule your well child/sports physical visits now!

    Don’t wait!  Please call us for those popular summer sports physical visits now.  The AAP recommends yearly physicals for all ages 3yrs and older (they are more frequent under age 3 yrs).  Well child visits are very important to ensure your child is healthy.  We screen for many disorders and c…Read More

  7. Pediatrician in Fort Collins

    We are a small, private pediatric office located in Fort Collins. We are the only practice in Fort Collins that’s focus is solely on pediatric care. We take pride in the fact that you know your children’s doctor will be a part of their life from birth until twenty-one. Our whole child approach…Read More

  8. Zika Virus

    For about a year we’ve been hearing about a “new” virus affecting the health of infants: Zika. This Flavivirus originated in Uganda and was first isolated from rhesus monkeys in 1947. It was named after the Zika forest nearby. Like other infectious diseases, the ease of international travel ha…Read More

  9. West Nile Virus

    On NPR this morning, the local Northern Colorado affiliate brought us a story about the high numbers of reported and suspected West Nile Virus (WNV) cases in Fort Collins this summer and Larimer County has issued a Health Alert to all area healthcare providers. There have been 35 batches of trapped …Read More

  10. Summer’s Great Except for One Thing: Mosquitos!

    As a pediatrician in Fort Collins, Colorado and a 4 Tesla Mosquito Magnet, I’ve wondered whether any of the botanical products out there work against the littler biters or whether I better stick with DEET despite the toxicity concerns. Also, what about all of the legends we hear about mosquitos an…Read More